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Farrell: New Texas WR Agiye Hall is Worth the Risk



Former Alabama WR Agiye Hall is polarizing. On one hand, he has amazing skills and ability. At 6-foot-3 and 195 pounds, he’s smooth off the line, runs solid routes and can adjust to the football very well. His hands have been up and down since high school but he’s a player to be feared because of his ability to set up defenders and get a stride or two on them downfield. He’s not a burner but is sneaky fast and he’s very hard to solo cover.

So what’s the downside? He’s been reportedly suspended twice at Alabama, he was a bit of a concern for some schools out of high school based on focus and work ethic and he’s a multiple high school kid and not by his own choice. Basically he could be a diva. This makes him risky for Steve Sarkisian who is already under fire after a poor first season in Texas. Xavier Worthy is WR1 there and Isiah Neyor is a huge transfer talent from Wyoming. You want depth at wide receiver, Alabama has taught us this, but can Hall play well with others. How will he do with rookie QB Quinn Ewers who needs as much support from his offense as anyone to turn things around at Texas. Will Hall disrupt a Lockerroom.

I find Hall to just be a funny, free-willed kid who is still maturing and growing up. Has he matured? Not yet. Can he at Texas when he didn’t under Nick Saban? I’m not sure. I believe he’s worth the risk but it’s a big risk.

Known as “The Godfather” of recruiting, Farrell joins The Portal Report after a stellar 24-year run with recruiting site Rivals. Farrell has covered football at all three levels, with national TV experience and over 20 years serving as Rivals’ National Recruiting Director.

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