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Farrell: You Should Not Care About Jordan Addison’s Decision



The Mind of Mike is a crazy place. Here are my most recent thoughts on Jordan Addison.

Ok people, pretend you’re an elite wide receiver coming off a great season. And prior to this great season states passed Name, Image and Likeness laws that forced the NCAA to allow you to profit off your great season and status as an elite wide receiver. And before that the NCAA passed a rule change that allows players to leave one school for another without sitting out a year. So you go from a scholarship kid who has to get a part time job to pay for food and who’s stuck at a school that saw coaches leave without penalty to essentially a free agent. So you decide to leave and find a place with a better QB for you, a bigger landscape to make money and you’re set to make millions. And everyone hates you.

Well, not everyone, but Pitt fans certainly aren’t happy. Fans of Texas, where you also visited, aren’t happy, and the rest of the Pac-12 isn’t happy as you choose USC. Trojan fans are happy of course but everyone else who shouldn’t care at all says it’s a money grab and bad for the sport and on and on. Should you care? Not for a second. This is a selfish world and sometimes selfish is fine. Making the best choice for yourself is often not popular to the jilted and jealous but they can pound sand.

Jordan Addison is headed to USC. Other big name players will leave smaller schools for bigger ones. Nick Saban and others can moan about it and Jimbo Fisher and others can defend it. Or whatever. Who cares. You do you Jordan Addison. It’s your life and no on else’s.

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