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Norchad Omier Could Be Set For A Homecoming To Miami



On Sunday, Arkansas State transfer Norchad Omier told The Portal Report that he has taken a visit to the University of Miami. It was his first college visit since being in the transfer portal but not the first time that he has been to Miami.

Omier spent his post-graduate year at Miami Prep under historic coach, Pilin Alvarez. Now the way he got there is a story in itself, but when he stepped foot in Miami, Alvarez didn’t want him to go.

“I was going to Mexico with Mr.Wesley (his mentor) but he said that they’re having a camp in Miami. He got in contact with coach Pilin Alvarez and said, “Let’s go to the camp (in Miami) we don’t have anything to do,” Omier told The Portal Report, “(After a week of tryouts) Coach Pilin was just like “You’re going to stay here, no matter what.”

He stayed in Miami, and it was a smart move for the kid who only began playing basketball in his mid-teens. Through 46 games, he averaged 26 points and 20 rebounds, recording a double-double in every game he played.

Of course, this was going to get attention, but no Nicaraguan had ever played under scholarship at a division one university for basketball. Omier was the first when he chose Arkansas State over Iona, Manhattan, Mercer, and UMBC.

It was a smart decision and one that Omier was thankful that he made. He continued to grow under Spanish-speaking Mike Balado, racking up 35 double-doubles in his two years in Jonesboro. He also earned many accolades, winning Sun Belt freshman of the year in 2020-21 and player of the year in 2021-22.

It led him to put his name in the transfer portal. Getting little attention the first time around, this response was nothing like he expected.

“Everybody told me that if I went in the transfer portal that it would go crazy,” Omier said, “You don’t want to make a mistake and go to the wrong program. You want to go to the right program where you can showcase your skills.”

That is something that Norchad is still growing on, his skills. It’s also what makes him so intriguing, playing basketball for only a few years.

“I want to grow in more aspects of the game. I want to put the ball on the floor a little bit more, push it up the court, have the freedom to pass the ball, make plays and extend my range a little bit more,” Omier said.

If he finds his way back to Miami, the Hurricanes could be in good shape for another NCAA Tournament run.

Omier has no timetable on when he will make a commitment announcement, he is just going with the flow. Just like how he got to Miami Prep.

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