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Helping coaches build powerhouses.

This recruiting/scouting service has been approved in accordance with NCAA bylaws, policies, and procedures. NCAA Division I football and/or basketball coaches are permitted to subscribe to this recruiting/scouting service.

“The Portal Report – Scout,” an NCAA-approved scouting service, provides coaches with comprehensive, up-to-the-minute data on student-athletes in the transfer portal. In minutes, coaches can gain the knowledge and power to build their best team ever.

Subscribers gain access to contact information, stats, and personal bios for transfers at Division I, II, and III institutions.

New Mexico State guard Xavier Pinson is shining this season after playing for Mizzou and LSU previously.

The Competitive Edge
With TPR Scout, coaches can quickly search, sort, and find eligible transfer portal players by division, conference, position, and region to fine-tune their rosters. Whether it’s a D1, D2, or D3 baller looking to transfer, a former five-star recruit with untapped potential, a future sixth man of the year, or an all-conference player, TPR helps you locate the perfect athlete to strengthen your team.

More Than Just a Database
Subscribers also have access to our TPR Scout Team, a group of transfer portal and college hoops experts who are on hand to chat and provide technical, research, and communications assistance. Tell us your needs and goals and we’ll help you get there. 

Register Now for the 2023 Transfer Portal Cycle

TPR Scout is a private, secure NCAA-approved service available to registered subscribers only.

TPR Scout will be active from March 1, 2023, to August 1, 2023 and requires a one-time fee for access to the database.

What do you get?

TPR Scout gives you access to a searchable, up-to-the-minute database of the top available transfers in NCAA men’s basketball.

Data includes comprehensive contact information, stats, and personal information for transfers in Division I, Division II, and Division III.

If you need to perform specialized queries or searches, our TPR Scout team will work with you to source information on specific players, conferences, and divisional needs.                            

Pricing for TPR Scout Access

Ready to take your basketball program to the next level? 

Coaches can subscribe to TPR Scout for the 2023 Transfer Portal cycle (March 1- August 1 at a cost of $350.00 per institution. This subscription is valid until August 1, 2023.

After subscribing, you will gain access to the TPR Scout player database for the 2023 Transfer Portal cycle. The database is updated daily.

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