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Who’s the Better Transfer: Eli Ricks or Jarrick Bernard-Converse?



Alabama cornerback Eli Ricks defends a pass

Comparisons are inevitable in all aspects of sports and in college football it’s no different. But now with the transfer portal it’s even more common. Elias Ricks got a lot of press leaving LSU for Alabama but could the Tigers have replaced him with someone better?

CB Elias Ricks, Alabama vs. CB Jarrick Bernard-Converse, LSU

Ricks had an amazing freshman season in 2020 and we all know about his knack for the big play dating back to high school, but he regressed a bit in 2021 and speed has become a small question mark. He has plenty to prove at Alabama and there are rumors he’s not picking up the offense like Nick Saban wants. As for LSU, they went into the portal to get Jarrick Bernard-Converse from Oklahoma State who has a ton of experience and was a huge part of the Cowboys excellent defense last season.

While NFL stock is much higher for Ricks at Alabama, don’t be fooled here — this is a true comparison. Bernard-Converse will adjust from a 4-2-5 defense and he will face more speed in the SEC but he’s smart enough to avoid getting beaten deep and he will keep plays in front of him. Ricks has the edge in instincts but he’s a risk taker and that might not fly as well with Saban. It’s close.

EDGE: Ricks

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