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Farrell: Let’s Play Devils Advocate; Jordan Addison is Not All About the Money



Pitt WR Jordan Addison is in the portal. Now we will see if he lands at USC with Lincoln Riley as has been rumored. But I’m going to tell you this — it’s not about the money.

You may think I’m crazy. After all the rumors are that Addison is being offered $3 million and a house to play at USC. Well, that’s what we call tampering if that’s the case and some people I spoke to who know Addison very well tell me “He’s a relationship kid. Quite humble and not Bigtime at all. But he’s also intelligent.”

So why does this snapshot of Addison matter at all? Because he’s not going to risk being embroiled in some massive tampering controversy over money. He’s a first rounder next season and there is a lot more money at stake in the NFL than there is for one year out in LA. What I’m trying to say is that this kid isn’t dumb. And he has connections to USC.

Addison grew up friends with QB Caleb Williams and they trained together. Williams’ father helped train Addison and he and Caleb developed together in many ways. And this ability to move freely in the portal now allows him to hook up with his old buddy and play on an offense that could be as explosive as the Pitt offense was last season. Mark Whipple is gone from Pitt as is QB Kenny Pickett. And Lincoln Riley knows a thing or two about offense.

Now as smart as Addison is, I’m smart too. This isn’t a simple transfer. This is free agency, plain and simple and money will be involved just as when Williams followed Riley to USC. A deal with Beats or one of the other thousand companies in LA will occur and he will make his coin out there. Will it be $3 million? I doubt it. Will they buy him a house? I doubt it. Did Pitt match this “offer”? I doubt it.

If Addison ends up at USC an investigation will occur someday. There are too many rumors leaked out there in regards to deals in place and tampering for it not to happen. But it will take forever and he’ll be long gone by then. But again, I just don’t think this is a kid everyone raves about as being humble and high character who is willing to risk his reputation and potential eligibility in some ways for a bag. I think he wants a high profile offense and to avoid any major offensive letdown in his final year before the NFL that could hurt his stock. That’s me playing devil’s advocate. Call me dumb.

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