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TPR College Basketball Fantasy Scoring



In order to identify top performers, the TPR staff utilize the fantasy basketball scoring detailed below. This provides us with a baseline to compare players, regardless of position. The scoring has been optimized to approximate similar average fantasy points at each position. The TPR staff then analyze each individual player based on intangible characteristics of their game performance each week.

Fantasy Scoring

3PM = 3 fpts
2PM = 2 fpts
FTM = 1 fpt
REB = 1.2 fpts
AST = 1.5 fpts
BLK = 3 fpts
STL = 3 fpts
TO = – 1 fpt


The TPR staff also occassionally will reference “Game Score”, which is an advanced analytics intended to capture the overall impact on the game by an individual player. The overall scale of this statistic should be interpreted similarly to points per game. Meaning, a Game Score of 5 is a decent game, a Game Score of 10 is about average, a Game Score of 20 would be exceptionaly, and a Game Score of 40 would be an incredible performance. The calculation for Game Score is below.

Game Score Calculation

PTS = 1
FGM = 0.4
FGA = – 0.7
Missed FT = – 0.4
OREB = 0.7
DREB = 0.4
STL = 1
AST = 0.7
BLK = 0.7
PF = -0.4
TO = -1

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