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New TPR Team Class Rankings NOW AVAILABLE



The Portal Report team is excited for the release of our 2024-25 basketball transfer class rankings.

Our TPR Team Index is our measure of the overall transfer class rating. Two things go into the index. First is the overall average ratings of the players committed to the school this year out of the transfer portal. Second is the number of players that have committed. Our rating system is a quality over quantity measurement as we weigh the average player rating much heavier than the number of players committed but recognize that both are key element in measuring transfer classes.

Our rankings are found on our fan platform, which is now just $1 for your first month (with discount code “may”). Following your first month, the fan platform will cost $4.99 per month.

In addition, track your team’s recruiting action, including interest lists, commitments, visits, and more with our fan tool!


Hundreds of college basketball fans have already signed up for our FAN platform already since launch, and are already tracking their team’s recruiting action! Stay ahead of the game, see complete interest lists, and more for players in the portal. We have already logged more than 250 recruitments into our platform in the first 8 days of the transfer portal window, and will be talking to as many players and coaches directly to provide you with the most elite transfer portal recruiting information all spring!

You can also sign up for our PORTAL SEASON PACKAGE! Save money with our Portal Season Package — just a one-time payment of $24.99 for access for the entire year!


Our platform includes a PLAYER VIEW and a TEAM VIEW page, as well as individual player profiles! On our player view page, track the best transfers available that you think your team should target. On our team view page, view players that your team has reached out to, players who are visiting your school, and players who have committed to your school!

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