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Brevin Galloway Breaks Down Transfer To Clemson: ‘It’s Home’



On Tuesday evening, Boston College transfer Brevin Galloway announced that he would return home and spend his final season at Clemson. The program is nothing new to him, growing up right down the street.

“It’s obviously home and where I wanted to be,” Galloway told The Portal Report. “Clemson is where I grew up. I live five minutes from there, my mom stays five minutes from there, and grandma stays about eight minutes from the university itself. I figured that was the perfect spot.”

The connections go back to the Oliver Purnell days for Brevin and his brother Braden. In elementary school, they would board overnight and go to the program-run basketball camps by day. Through middle school and high school, they’d spend more nights on campus as assistant coach Lucas McKay would hook his family up with tickets to games.

Although Brevin loved the school and was lightly recruited by Clemson the first time around, he chose to attend the College of Charleston. His brother Braden had different ideas, staying home and playing football at Clemson. There, he started 32 games over four seasons as a tight end.

“It’s crazy because my brother obviously played football there,” Brevin said, “Him going there, playing football, seeing how they treated him, the love he got showed me. The Clemson fans are obviously crazy, which I love too.”

Now that’s no doubt as most big southern schools have rabid fanbases. Brevin saw that over this past season.

After a win at Clemson where he scored 18 points and hit the game-winning three, he got on social media and started talking smack. It was loud and it was back-and-forth, even getting to a put where he thought it would impact his relationship with the program’s coaches. He was wrong though, as they came calling when he entered the portal again.

“It felt like there was tension between us (Galloway & coaching staff) obviously after I went to Clemson and hit a game-winner. I was hyped up. I didn’t expect him to initially be welcoming to me because of how I was acting,” Galloway said, “When I entered the portal, me (Brad Brownell) and him maybe chatted on the phone two-three times a week for 20-30 minutes. We’ve actually gotten really close.”

It hasn’t always been like that as they never had a strong relationship. The man who recruited him out of high school at Clemson was Earl Grant. He was his college head coach through all five seasons.

Staying in league, they’ll meet again but it will surely create a strange dynamic when the two face off for the first time in Conte Forum during the 2023 ACC season.

“I love the storylines,” Galloway said, “Me coming home, me being able to play Coach Grant. That’s going to be a fun night.”

Galloway chose Clemson over rival South Carolina. Add another tally to the storyline of loving storylines for the 2023 NBA Draft prospect.

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