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Introducing BLITZ – TPR’s Free Transfer Portal Analysis Tool



THE PORTAL REPORT - BLITZ is a transfer portal analysis tool used by college football fans, media members, coaches, and players to sift through transfers of the past three years in college football.

How has your team recruited the transfer portal?

Track your team’s recruiting efforts with “BLITZ,” TPR’s new, completely free, analysis tool. Find out how outgoing transfers from your program have performed, where your program has found success in the portal, and more!

Blitz: College Football Transfer Portal Analysis Tool

BLITZ is our internally developed analysis tool that our analytics and visualization team developed to assist us with our own research and analysis of college football players who are former transfers.

BLITZ leverages our comprehensive database of college football transfers since the 2021 off-season. This tool allows you to sort the database by different categories of fantasy points, filter by the year the player transferred, the conference or school they transferred from, the conference of school they transferred to, the position or position group they play, or the specific week of the 2023 season (to really get into the details). Internally, we utilize this tool to provide us with a summary of who the top performers were from week to week and on the season. For more on our fantasy football scoring system, please read here: College Football Fantasy Scoring

To see more content about a particular player, just click on their picture from the list. To see more detail and career stats about the player, select their name and click “See Player Profile” (“Profile” on mobile version) in the top right of the tool. This allows you to really dig deep into the player’s demographics and statistical history.

Special thanks to our technology partner, Microsoft, our data provider partner,, and our whole team for working tirelessly to make this the most comprehensive and inclusive college football transfer portal tool on the planet!

Blitz: College Football Transfer Portal Analysis Tool

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