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The Portal Report Interview with Texas Tech Transfer Dishon Jackson



Jacob Harris spoke with the newest Texas Tech Red Raider, Dishon Jackson, to recap his recruitment and commitment to Texas Tech!

1. What other schools were heavily involved in your recruitment?
There were a few schools involved, Charlotte being one of them. Schools like Georgia Tech, Xavier, Alabama, and a few other mid majors.
2. What staff member at Texas Tech have you developed the best relationship with?
In all honesty, I have a great relationship with all the coaches. They’re a young staff, who have great player relationships, and are eager to get their guys developed and ready to play. It’s easy to play hard for guys who are right there in the fire with you.
3. What role was pitched to you at Texas Tech? 
I was pitched that I would be able to show my game and be developed. There was nothing promised as there shouldn’t be, but that I will work for everything that is given to me. I’m ready to work, so this is no challenge to me.
4. What did you think of the Womble? 
The Womble is a very new looking building with all the amenities that an athlete needs to recover, weight training, and go hard in the gym in. The building has everything that you need in order to be successful. It’s just up to you to put in the work.
5. What new teammates did you spend the most time with? 
Honestly, I spent the most time with my high school teammate Chance McMillian. That’s been my brother since my freshman year of high school, and we have a great relationship. I’m very eager to get back on the call with him as we had a great run and a state championship in high school.
6. What can Texas Tech fans expect from you this season?
Texas Tech fans can expect that they will get everything that I have.  When I’m there I will give 110% of my effort.

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